• Group 11- 23 ½" height


    4C Horizontal Mailbox Purchasing Elements

    USA Building Supplies believes the best customers are ones who equipped with knowledge to make the best buying decision for them. When reviewing different websites, it can confuse on how to determine the best 4C horizontal mailbox system for your building. Therefore, USA Building Supplies felt it would be helpful to put together an overview of some of the vital factors to assist potential client to make intelligent buying decisions.

    • 4C Horizontal Mailbox Groupings – Most sellers of 4C mailboxes group the receptacles into different categories according to overall modules height of the mailbox configuration. Each mailbox grouping often has a preset number of resident doors and parcel lockers for the buyer to choose from. Most 4C mailbox module configurations can be modified (i.e.; larger tenant doors). The vast majority of purchases are made within each height category for ease of installation and overall aesthetics. Naturally, the taller installation categories tend to require less linear wall space versus the shorter 4C receptacle groupings. In addition, the 4C horizontal mailbox buyer should consider the type of building he or she plans to install the 4C mailboxes at. For example, it is common for a buyer to consider shorter overall 4C module height  grouping for a senior housing facility because their residents may have issue reaching the top row of the 4C mailbox door assigned to them.
    • 4C Mailbox Mounting Method – Currently, the installation methods of 4C mailboxes can be recessed, surface, pedestal, or mounted into a free-standing kiosk. All of the installation methods are USPS Approved with the exception of 4C pedestal mailboxes. Most 4C horizontal mailboxes purchases are for new construction applications, therefore are recessed mounted. Surface pedestal, and kiosk mounted USPS-STD-4C mailbox modules require the buyer to purchase additional equipment other than the 4C module.  In some cases the seller of the 4C mailboxes will bundle additional equipment needed for these types of mounting alternatives into one complete product.
    • USPS-STD-4C Mailbox Door Identification – The tenant doors of 4C horizontal mailboxes are typically identified with metal decals, engraving, or decorative filled engraving. The cost of the 4C mailbox door identification option usually varies from manufacturer to manufacturer which trickles down to the distributor if reselling the product. The lead-time of your 4C mailbox system mailbox maybe affected by the door identification you choose.
    • 4C Horizontal Mailbox Finishes – A wide range of finishes are available for 4C mailboxes. Most manufacturers powder coat finish their 4C mailboxes. However, one overseas 4C mailbox supplier does offer their receptacles in anodized finishes. Most STD-4C mailbox suppliers will provide buyers with color chips if demanded.
    • 4C Mailbox Master Door Access – 4C mailboxes can be ordered for USPS or private access. USPS approved 4C horizontal mailboxes will require coordination with your local Post Office to install their master arrow lock. Private access 4C horizontal mailbox module come equipped with a private lock and are for applications that do not involve the Post office in any way.