Surface Mount "No Touch" Dryer -Overall Size: 9 7/16"W x 9 41/64"H x 6 3/8"D

SKU: AS-0141
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Surface Mount "No Touch" Hand Dryer

Features & Specifications

  • Quick drying-under 30 seconds which is activated when user places hands under sensor zone
  • Dryer shuts off after time out when user removes hands from sensor zone
  • Cover is fabricated of one-piece heavy duty aluminum
  • Overall size: 9 7/16"W x 9 41/64"H x 6 3/8" projection
  • Surface mount
  • Flip nozzle is chrome plated
  • User can manually flip nozzle for face and hand drying
  • Nozzle will automatically return to hand position when unit shuts off
  • Available in white color
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