• Mail Chest


    Mail Chests are a Great Value Purchase

    USA Building Supplies today announced the addition of the mail chest to their growing line of locking mailboxes. The mail chest has a combination features and quality that make it an excellent value buy for their clients. This locking receptacle is larger than the roadside mailbox but small than the mail and package drop therefore fitting right in the middle in terms of capacity and price in their product offering. Mail chests are available in black, green, white, or silver powder coated finish which allows the receptacle to blend in wherever clients wish to install the mailbox. The unit offers both rear and front end user locking contents retrieval doors to provide versatility and security. Mail chests can be mounted into columns, walls, or masonry. Both concrete and in ground pedestal are available for purchase for buyers who wish to have freestanding mail chest. For customers looking mount more than one mail chest on a pedestal, USA Building Supplies offers a duo or tri-spreader which allows end users to mount either two or three locking mailboxes on a pedestal.

    The mail chest is currently in use throughout the United States by residential and commercial end users.  Experienced locking mailbox specialists are available at USA Building Supplies to assist inquiries of all types.