• Group 7 – 37 ½" height


    4C Horizontal Mailbox Solutions

    USA Building Supplies is dedicated to being your supply partner for our customers when they purchase 4C horizontal mailboxes.  Most experienced buyers realize that often minor annoyances happen when procuring goods from a supplier. Solution conscious vendors provide quick solutions to these issues when they occur. USA Building Supplies will not only provide a fix to your issue, but we hope to educate you in advance here, by providing you the information needed regarding these nuisances. Typical common issues that happen once in a while when a buyer orders a 4C mailbox are a mailbox door sticking after the unit has been installed, lost keys or a need for extra keys, and parcel locker keys snapping off in the captive lock. High security 4C horizontal mailboxes have minimal pry points as set forth by USPS regulations. Occasionally, during shipment the module will shift slightly, causing a mailbox door or two to stick. Usually this issue is not discovered until after the 4C receptacle is installed. The solution to this problem is rather simple. Open the mailbox door that is sticking and tap on the door using a rubber mallet in the opposite direction the door is catching on. Clients also are often confronted with the issue of lost keys or needing duplicate keys for their residents. If all of the keys are lost for the tenant lock a new lock must be ordered for replacement of the existing lock. Key blanks can be ordered by providing the key code etched on each key in the case of when duplicate keys are needed. What happens if a captive keys snaps off in the lock of the parcel lockers? Unfortunately, in this scenario a new captive lock must be purchased. Contact USA Building Supplies’ problem solving representative today!