• Collection Boxes


    Pedestal Collection Box Summary

    USA Building Supplies is pleased to introduce the pedestal collection box product line. Pedestal collection boxes are available in a standard and large size to accommodate different customer requirements. Both pedestal drop boxes feature a hopper door that is 12"W x 7 5/8"H which allows users to deposit various items of different sizes. The access door and hopper door on the collection box is on the front side of the receptacle. Pedestal collection boxes can be used indoors or outdoors because of the robust aluminum construction and durable powder coat finish. Pedestal collection boxes are typically used as a package drop box however customers do use these drop boxes for other purposes too.

    Mail Slot, Sleeve, & Collection Box Combination Provides Convenient Collection Box Solutions

    USA Building Supplies loves innovative products that allow clients to operate more efficiently. The mail slot, sleeve, and collection box combination provides an effective solution for customers looking for a secure item deposit from the outside of the building that travels thru the wall and into a locked collection box. Property management companies often utilize this product as rent payment drop for their tenants to pay their monthly rent. USA Building Supplies offers the mail slot and collection box combination in five powder coat finishes which are aluminum, bronze, gold, sandstone, or forest green. Get in touch today with a USA Building Supplies representative to finalize the details of your postal specialty.

    Outdoor Collection Box for Volume Users

    The outdoor collection box offered by USA Building Supplies is favorite among buyers that need a high volume of payments or other some items. Most people will readily recognize the design of the outdoor collection as it resembles the Post Office curbside collection boxes located across the country for outgoing mail deposit. Applications and uses of the outdoor collection box include large corporations, utility companies, and more.

    If additional information is needed concerning pedestal collection boxes or any of our postal drop boxes contact a representative from USA Building Supplies today.