Building Accessories Glossary of Terms

Centralized Mail Delivery-A form of mail delivery system where a letter carrier provides delivery and collection services to a number of residences from a central location. whether in a single-family subdivision or multi-family structure. Business customers also receive delivery services from a convenient central location. Centralized mail delivery equipment can be in the form of any "clustered" type mailbox – including free-standing, pedestal-mounted cluster box unit, or other cluster mailboxes. The U.S. Postal Service recommends centralized mail delivery systems due to their efficiency. Centralized mailboxes keep the cost of mail service affordable and are becoming common in all new building developments.

Type I Cluster Box Unit - A phrase used by Postal employees when communicating about a eight door cluster box unit

Cluster Box Units -Referred to as (CBU) and are commonly used in subdivisions, apartment and condominium buildings. Cluster box units are free-standing and are installed in a central location for convenient accessibility for tenants and postal workers. 

4C Horizontal Mailboxes4C horizontal mailboxes are a commercial mailbox style ideal for apartments, condominiums, office buildings, military bases and new residential developments. 4C horizontal mailboxes are made entirely of aluminum are USPS approved. USA Building Supplies offers 4C horizontal mailboxes in front loading units or rear loading units.

USPS Approved Commercial Mailboxes-Commercial mailboxes must meet regulations and requirements as specified by USPS policies. This includes mailboxes with in-coming mail openings and the retrieval of out-going mail. The opening style, design and size are determined by USPS specifications and the USPS carrier must be able to deposit the customer’s mail. Out-going mail designs have limitations due to heightened USPS mail security requirements. Mailboxes must be capable of passing the applicable testing requirements and not made of transparent, toxic, or flammable materials. Commercial mailboxes must protect mail from wet weather conditions and advertising on a mailbox is prohibited. USA Building Supplies highly recommends contacting your local USPS for details regarding their requirements.

Type III Cluster Box Unit - A term used by the USPS to describe a sixteen door cluster box unit

Letter Drop Boxes-A letter drop box can come in a variety of styles and sizes. Letter drop boxes are designed as a receptacle for receiving outgoing mail. Letter drop boxes are available in surface or recess mounted.

TekStak Laptop Lockers-TekStak laptop lockers are extremely versatile and custom fit to your building’s specifics needs. Each laptop has its own compartment optimizing individual security. TekStak laptop lockers come equipped with two locking options; electronic or keyed compartments, electrical outlets and holes for data cables.

Key control cabinets- If your main focus is control of valuable assets; you need a key control cabinet. USA Building Supplies product line is the result of our commitment to excellence. Whatever your facility's security requirements are USA Building Supply has what you need. We can secure your peace of mind.

Type IV Cluster Box Unit - The Postal Service uses this term to describe a thirteen door cluster box unit

Anti-Fatigue mats-Anti-Fatigue mats are designed to reduce stress on the feet or legs with long periods of standing. The mats are designed to reduce fatigue which is caused from standing for long period of time on a hard surface. Fatigue-reducing mats can be made of various materials including rubber, carpeting and vinyl.

Number slot - This is a type of door identification used on our horizontal mailboxes and cell phone lockers. This type of door identification is an indentation on an individual door that holds a card to identify a particular compartment.

Arrow lock - This is the master lock that the U.S. Postal Service installs on centralized delivery mailboxes that they service. This allows the USPS to access all of the compartments of the cluster mailbox at one time, so they can deliver the mail quickly.

Dyna-Shield - This is a process that creates a durable protective barrier on the surface of select foam anti-fatigue mats. Dyna-shield anti-fatigue mats are more wear resistant than standard foam matting.

Captive lock - This lock is exclusively used on parcel lockers for commercial mailboxes. A captive lock retains the key when the tenant inserts the key into the lock of a parcel locker door to retrieve a package. The USPS carrier will release this key with their master key the next time he services the cluster box and put the captive key back into the system.

Decalon - This is a fiber used in our entrance mats that is made with a much higher denier polypropylene yarn. Floor mats manufactured with Decalon offer excellent wear resitance, great moisture retention, and a sharp, clean pattern appearance.

Anti-fish Plate - Installed on the rear of the mail slot of 4C mailboxes and cluster box units to prevent tampering of the outgoing mail and postal access door.

Straited - A vertical texture that is used on our vertical mailboxes to help prevent scratching and scuffing

Master Keyed Locks - If locks are master keyed, they can be accessed with a master control key

Resetttable Combination Locks - This lock is used on our cell phone lockers and can be set to a fixed combination or a combination that can be rest after each use. The resettable combination lock can be accessed with a master control key.

Cluster Box - A group of individually keyed mailboxes serving a group of tenants

Control Door - A term used in the commercial mailbox industry for the door that either the USPS or private individual enters through for master access to all the compartments at one time

CBU - An abbreviation for the term cluster box unit which is a commercial mailbox on a pedestal

Recessed Mount - A term that refers to a commercial mailbox installation where the front of the receptacle is visible but the vast majority of the receptacle is behind the wall

Load Time - Portion of street time that is spent by the carrier handling mail at centralized delivery receptacles, and relay and collection boxes

Compartment Form Factor - Term used in USPS-STD-4C regulation regarding the change of compartment size for wall mount mailboxes to 12"W X 15"D x 3"H

J Bolt - The is the type of hardware typically used to anchor your commercial mailbox to a concrete pad

Commercial Mail Receiving Agency - A private company that offers mailbox rental service to individuals, organizations, and companies

Reverse Hinge - A term used used by manufacturers when fabricating a horizontal mailbox when the master gate hinge is put on the left instead of the right side

Growth Coordinator - A title given to the person who works for U.S. Postal Serive who is in charge of the centralized delivery program in their district

Type II Cluster Box Unit - A tem used by the post office to call twelve door cluster box unit

Open Back Mail Sorter - a type of mail sorter that can accessed from the front and back of the unit of the module

Keyed Alike Locks - a term for used typically in a multiple unit purchase of private use item where the master access door locks can be accessed by management with one key

Photo Metal - type of metal used for the metal decais used for door identification on cluster box units and 4c horizontal mailboxes

McGard Screw Driver - type of tool the USPS uses to install and service the parcel lock arrow lock cover on your cluster box

1/2" Nut Driver - tool used for removing and installing a high security tenant lock on a cluster box unit or 4C mailbox

Laptop Bay - term used for a laptop locker compartment

Compx Tenant Cam Locks - type of of resident lock used on cluster box units and 4C horizontal mailbox doors

Closed Back Mail Sorter - mail sorter that can only be accessed at the front of the module

Integral Trim - type of trim used on a recessed centralized mailbox which the factory attaches trim to the unit instead of using snap on trim

Horseshoe Clip - fastener used on the back of compartment doors of commercial mailboxes and cell phone lockers to secure the cam lock

bevel - term used in the matting industry when the manufacturer reduces the square edges of anti-fatigue mats to sloping edges for safety

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