• Group 1 - 56 3/4" height


    High Security 4C Mailbox Emerges as Commercial Mailbox Stalwart

    The 4C mailbox first introduced to the commercial mailbox industry in 2006 is quickly becoming the general public’s commercial mailbox of choice. The end users seem to prefer the STD-4C horizontal mailbox due to its design, security, and versatility which in comparison to other commercial mail receptacles, the 4C mailbox clearly prevails. Originally designed and USPS sanctioned for wall installations the 4C horizontal mailbox has experienced an evolution of product options and styles as commercial mailbox suppliers seek to differentiate themselves from another. The high security 4C mailbox mimics the cluster box design and security, however offers far more flexibility in terms of customization in of module configurations. Many industry insiders feel this why the STD-4C mailbox has quickly become the fast growing category of commercial mailboxes.

    4C Horizontal Mailbox Styles

    4C horizontal mailboxes were originally designed for new construction applications where the mailboxes were to be recessed into a wall or contractor created a mail kiosk. Commercial mailbox manufacturers seeing the popularity of the USPS-STD-4C mail receptacle aggressively pursued alternative styles of 4C horizontal mailboxes. The pursuit of alternative styles of 4C mailboxes resulted in a surface mount collar being developed allowing for recessed cabinets to be wall mounted, mail kiosks being created to provide a manufacturer provided structure for the STD-4C mailboxes, and a full line of pedestal 4C mailboxes to provide an additional choice for pedestal mailbox buyers. The 4C mailbox product extensions have been smashing success with the 4C pedestal mailboxes leading the way. If the manufacturers of commercial mailboxes can succeed in convincing the Postal Service to certify the 4C pedestal mailbox many industry insiders believe the 4C mailboxes will eventually surpass the most utilized commercial mailbox which is currently the cluster box unit.

    STD-4C Horizontal Mailbox Versatility

    The major reason for the commercial mailbox user and buyer’s preference for the STD-4C horizontal mailbox is the flexibility the receptacle brings to the table. The 4C mailbox allows for different resident, parcel locker, and outgoing mail door sizes therefore allowing for customization of the mail receptacle to meet the buyer’s requirements. It is recommended when customizing your 4C mailbox configuration to speak with an experienced commercial mailbox representative so he can provide you design assistance. Typically, most industry suppliers provide this service free of charge.