• Group 5 – 44 ½" height


    4C Horizontal Mailbox Specifics

    USA Building Supplies is dedicated in assisting you through all the details of your 4C horizontal mailbox purchase. 4C mailboxes are typically not an everyday procurement for the buyer, which is why it wise to consult with a commercial mailbox whiz. USA Building Supplies has knowledgeable representatives to guide you through the process. What are the major details a buyer must consider when shopping for USPS-STD-4C mailboxes?  The first consideration is the number tenant mailboxes needed at each location versus the available wall space. USA Building Supplies can help guide you through this process and provide you with shop drawings so you can confirm your dimensions. Once the commercial mailbox configurations have been settled on for each location, other issues can be addressed. How will you identify your 4C mailbox so the residents know which mail compartment door is for them? 4C horizontal mailbox doors are typically either identified with metal decals or engraved. Metal decals on the doors are typically a one, two, or three digit number, which is run consecutively on the mailbox doors at the installation location. Engraving the mailbox doors are a more flexible option for door identification. Unit numbers can be etched into each door, however keep in mind that you do lose a level of security when marking the mailbox doors with specific unit numbers. The reason for the loss of security is a would be thief can target a particular resident. It is crucial to keep in mind that usually the USPS does not care what the outside of the mailbox doors are engraved, because they do not see the front of the mailbox when delivering the mail. Upon installation the mail carrier will label the inside shelves to identify the mail compartments. Next, the commercial mailbox buyer will need to select a finish choice. Color chips are available upon request. Contact a USA Building Supplies commercial mailbox whiz for help guiding you through the process.