• Group 6 – 41" height


    4C Horizontal Mailboxes Operate Efficiently

    USA Building Supplies offers single and double wide 4c horizontal mailbox modules that function capably for the both the mail carrier and the tenants. The single wide 4C mailbox module has an outgoing mail collection door that doubles as the post office master entry door. Upon approaching your 4C horizontal mailbox to deliver the mail, the postal carrier will access the master door with the master key for the USPS provided arrow lock. Once the mail carrier gains access to the control door of your 4C mailbox, the letter carrier will push up on an internal lever in this compartment which will release the face panel for access to all the compartments at one time. The single wide 4C mailbox module face panel will hinge on the right side of unit and then once the mail carrier has delivered the mail he will lock the face panel back in its original position. The individual resident doors are keyed differently and the tenants can only gain access to their dedicated compartment. The 4C horizontal mailbox that is referred to as a double wide module operates similar to the single wide module. The double wide 4C mailbox module’s master access door is located in the middle of the right panel when looking at the front of the unit. Once the mail carrier gains access to your 4C mailbox, he will first open the right panel and then will gain entry to the left panel. Thus, the 4C double module will open like French doors for the USPS. The residents gain access to their mail in the same fashion as the single wide modules.