• Group 2 - 55" height


    4C Horizontal Mailbox Sizes

    USA Building Supplies offers an assortment of 4C horizontal mailbox modules for clients to choose from. 4C mailbox modules throughout the commercial mailbox industry are available in;

    • single column width
    • double column width


    The width of the single and double wide USPS-STD-4C module will only vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer. The depth of the 4C mailbox will typically be about 17”. The other variable that does vary from commercial mailbox manufacturers is the height of the module. USA Building Supplies arranges our recessed 4C horizontal mailbox modules according to height because typically most designers and architects prefer to make module selections within the same height grouping. This selection practice also assists the installation contractor of the mailboxes. Generally speaking, most construction projects with a significant amount of residents will use the taller 4C mailbox modules to minimize the amount of wall space needed. Mid-sized and smaller 4C modules often are used in smaller construction projects. Senior housing projects are the one exception to the rule as far as relating the project size to the height of the mailbox module. This reason for this exception is the concern for resident in the upper mailbox compartments having to reach to get their mail. Contact a USA Building Supplies’ 4C horizontal mailbox specialist to receive layout assistance!