• Group 4 – 48" height


    Buying 4C Mailboxes for Your Community

    USA Building Supplies is determined to make your buying process of 4C mailboxes efficient and thorough. This initial factor a buyer of 4C horizontal mailboxes must take into account is how many tenant mailboxes will I need at each location of the cluster mailboxes. At this time it is vital to take into account additional mailboxes that may be needed in the future for an association, commercial tenants, or other uses. Once the tenant for each location has been made we suggest that you call a 4C mailbox specialist at USA Building Supplies. Upon receiving the information gathered by the building manager the sales professional will discuss the available wall space needed at each location with the 4C horizontal mailbox prospect.  If ample wall space is available or the community manager plans on building 4C mailbox kiosk outside for the receptacles the sales professional will proceed to prepared you shop drawings and comprehensive quote for each location at your community. Upon receipt of your 4C horizontal mailbox quote, USA Building Supplies asks you to double check your dimensions to make sure all the USPS-STD-4C mailboxes will fit at each location. Additional options for your 4C mailboxes include;

    • Finish
    • Door identification
    • Freight services 


    These additional options mention above need to be determined before ordering your 4C mailboxes. Contact a USA Building Supplies’ representative today and they will be happy to guide you through the final details of your purchase.