• 66 ¾” Unit Height


    Evolution of Pedestal Mailboxes

    Pedestal mailboxes have gone through a rapid evolution in the last 15 years. The neighborhood delivery and collection box unit was the staple in centralized delivery receptacle marketplace until the mid nineties. The NDCBU was a rear loading unit with 3 standard sizes which were an eight, twelve, and a sixteen door units. The NDCBU could be modified to meet customer needs. The USPS in the late 1990s decertified the NDCBU in an effort to move the country into the newly designed E-Series cluster box unit. The E-Series cluster box unit was the preferred pedestal mailbox until it was replaced by the security enhanced F-Series cluster box unit. The F-Series cluster box unit still exists today and is the most commonly used pedestal mailbox in the marketplace. The 4C pedestal mounted mailbox has recently entered in the marketplace, primarily due to its flexibility. The pedestal 4C mailbox can be modified whereas the cluster box unit cannot.