• 58 5/8" Unit Height


    4C Pedestal Mailbox Shipment

    USA Building Supplies would like to provide some advisement concerning your shipment of 4C pedestal mailboxes. The first factor a prospective client should make after selecting their 4C cluster box is whether any special services are needed from the freight company to deliver the product to their jobsite or business. The most sought after special freight services are delivery notification and lift gate service. Most general contractors find a delivery notification call helpful before their pedestal mailbox is delivered. In this case, the freight company will call the person designated by the contractor twenty four hours prior to delivery. Another service that proves to be beneficial for the customer especially for large shipments is lift gate service. A lift gate truck will lower the shipment to ground when delivering. All 4C pedestal mailboxes when delivered consist of two boxes. The box with pedestal will be relatively lightweight. The mailbox module box will typically be heavier than the box containing the pedestal. When the freight driver arrives please inspect all boxes for damage and note any damages on the delivery receipt before you sign for your pedestal mailboxes. We also ask that you count the boxes and make sure what you are signing for is accounted for on the delivery receipt. Once the 4C pedestal mailboxes have been signed for we ask that you make thorough inspection within five business days to make sure there is no concealed damage to your commercial mailbox. Contact USA Building Supplies to have a smooth purchase and shipment of your 4C pedestal mailbox.

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