• 59 ¾” Unit Height


    4C Pedestal Mailbox Installation Preparation Details

    USA Building Supplies is committed to providing our customers as much information as possible concerning their 4C pedestal mailbox.. Therefore, let's get you prepared so your installation can go smoothly. Upon receiving your pedestal mailbox from USA Building Supplies and following proper receipt of your receptacle, a client then wonders what do next. Proper scheduling of an installation contractor and communication with postal officials prior to receipt of goods will help for a seamless process. It is imperative to discuss with local postal officials the location of your pedestal mailbox, so everyone is on the same page. If a mutual agreement is made with the Post Office, it then is easy to give your installation contractor proper direction to help ensure a proper 4C pedestal mailbox installation. Let's assume that these steps were taken, and go over some vital details regarding your 4C mailbox. The resident keys, parcel locker keys, installation instructions, and mating hardware are all shipped inside the cabinet. In order to access these materials, simply open the master access door below the outgoing mail slot and push up on the lever located inside this compartment. The contents mentioned previously will be found inside the receptacle all properly marked. Each locked tenant compartment will have three keys for each lock, which are for you to distribute to your residents as you see fit. The parcel locker keys which will be easily identifiable, should be given to the mail carrier. The mating hardware to attach the pedestal to your 4C mailbox module is for your installation contractor. The only additional purchase you will need for your pedestal mailbox is the anchor bolts for mounting to the concrete, which the USPS has asked suppliers not to provide. USA Building Supplies takes care of the details for your 4C pedestal mailbox purchase.

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