• 62 1/8” Unit Height


    Will the 4C Pedestal Mailbox Gain Postal Certification?

    USA Building Supplies handles a full line of the configurable 4C pedestal mailboxes. Currently, the 4C pedestal mailbox is not postal certified therefore local postal official approval is needed for this pedestal mailbox. Will the USPS certify the 4C pedestal mailbox? The answer to that question concerning USPS endorsing the 4C pedestal cluster box is difficult to answer with certainty. The 4C mail receptacle is currently USPS Approved for wall installations, however although it uses the same mailbox modules it is not certified for mounting on a pedestal. The Postal Service is quick to point out that sometimes the overall height of the pedestal mailbox exceeds current postal regulations. However, the mounting height of many of the 4C pedestal mailboxes does meet this postal standard. USPS officials further point out that some of 4C pedestal receptacles are arranged in small clusters of resident mailboxes and they do not want their mail carriers using their arrow key at small mail deliveries. Clients love the current USPS sanctioned pedestal mailbox which the cluster box unit, however the marketplace would prefer more flexibility in the resident mailbox configurations. USA Building Supplies understands both sides of the current debate brewing about pedestal mailboxes and will continue to advise our customers of all the postal regulations. Contact a USA Building Supplies consultant to help guide you through buying a pedestal mailbox that is right for you.

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