• 63 1/4” Unit Height


    4C Pedestal Mailbox vs. Cluster Box Unit

    USA Building Supplies realizes customers often face a tough choice on whether to purchase a 4C pedestal mailbox or a cluster box. The cluster boxes are limited in the configurations offered due to the postal licensing contract, which is the big reason the 4C pedestal mailbox has succeeded. The major drawback of the 4C pedestal mailbox is the lack of postal certification from the U.S. Postal Service. This conflict of the lack of flexibility of cluster box units versus the lack of postal endorsement for 4C pedestal mailbox has put the customer in the middle. What should prospective customer do when making this decision? The first major step for mailbox buyer is to weigh the costs and flexibility benefits provided by the 4C pedestal mailboxes versus the cluster box unit's approval and other perceived advantages. If the costs and benefits prove to be worthwhile for the customer to purchase 4C pedestal mailboxes, USA Building Supplies then will advise the customer to discuss their situation with local Post Office to see if they will grant variance for the 4C pedestal mailbox. Typically, if the reasons for the 4C pedestal mailbox are reasonable the local Post office will be accommodating. Call USA Building Supplies to assist you in your pedestal mailbox decisions.

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