• 70 ¼” Unit Height


    4C Pedestal Mailbox Enters the Marketplace

    USA Building Supplies introduces the flexible 4C pedestal mailbox. The 4C pedestal mailbox was demanded by the marketplace because the need for a more versatile high security pedestal mailbox. The USPS Approved cluster box units previously were the only multi-unit pedestal cluster available for customer. The cluster box is great pedestal mailbox; however the U.S. Postal Service has not allowed the manufacturers to modify the configurations of this type of receptacle. In 2006 the USPS endorsed the 4C horizontal mailbox for wall installation mailboxes. The 4C regulation allows the 4C receptacle to have different size resident doors, and many more module configurations. This opened the door for the flexible 4c pedestal mailbox. The 4C pedestal is manufactured with same tenant doors locks, rugged materials, and overall security as the F Series cluster box units. Prospective clients loved having the ability to customize their pedestal mailbox to meet their scenario. The manufacturers of the 4C pedestal mailbox shrewdly manufactured these mailboxes with different size pedestals to meet the USPS guidelines for the height of the mail carrier access door. This 4C pedestal cluster mailbox has not yet received the distinction from the Postal Service as USPS Approved, however many local postmasters have granted local approval to accommodate their customers. Contact a USA Building Supplies 4C pedestal mailbox consultant to assist you in your purchase.

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