• 72” Unit Height


    Customization of 4C Pedestal Mailbox

    USA Building Supplies offers standardized configurations of 4C pedestal mailboxes and can also custom manufacture a unit as well. Most of USA Building Supplies standard configurations are built with a single high single wide door size which is 13 ¼"W x 3 ¼"H, commonly referred to as an MB1 door size. Often, prospective clients have tenants with different amounts incoming mail, therefore the need for larger resident mailbox door compartments are required. USA Building Supplies offers three additional door sizes other than MB1 size which are the MB2 size that is 13 ¼"W x 6 3/4"H, MB3 which has dimensions of 13 ¼"W x 10 ¼"H, and the MB4 door which measures 13 ¼"W x 13 ¾"H. Usually, one of these door sizes can meet our 4C pedestal mailbox customer's scenario. Parcel lockers for packages can be built in two different sizes which are the PL5 parcel door which is 13 ¼"W x 17 ¼"H or the PL6 parcel door that measures 13 ¼"W x 20 ¾"H. USA Building Supplies can customize your pedestal mailbox within 4C mailbox module framework and will also make good common sense recommendations with sound reasoning. One suggestion typically made is locate the larger mailbox doors and tenant doors towards the bottom of the configuration for ease of mail delivery and retrieval. Contact a 4C pedestal mailbox whiz at USA Building Supplies today to simply your life!

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