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    Cell Phone Storage Lockers Provide Many Choices that Necessitate Thorough Decision Making

    The current wave of new and different cell phone storage lockers in the marketplace have made it imperative that the buyers of mobile phone cabinets do their homework in advance. The cell phone cabinet buyer needs to conscious of the finish, door identification, locking device type, mounting capability, and configuration to make a sound decision. Below we have given a brief synopsis of these common features of the mini storage cabinets to help educate the buyer.

    Mini Storage Locker Finish

    Cell phone storage lockers are available from numerous different distributors and manufacturers that feature different finish choices. Sometimes, vendors will up charge for a specialty finish where another may not. Typically the cell phone storage cabinet vendor can cell phone lock boxprovide a color chip if required by the customer.

    Door Identification for Cell Phone Lock Boxes

    The purpose of door identification is to identify each storage compartment in the cell phone cabinet configuration. Cell phone lock box compartment doors can be identified with cardholders, engraving, or black filled engraving. Some companies offer all of these door identification options while others only offer a select few. Engraved and black filled engraved compartment doors are a more permanent way of identifying the cell phone cabinet doors. The cardholder door identification offers flexibility in door id because the door markings can be changed relatively easily.

    Locking Devices for Small Personal Lockers

    mini storage cabinetCell phone storage cabinets often differentiate themselves with the type of visitor locking door device. Mini locker door compartments can be outfitted with a standard keyed lock, master keyed lock, combination lock, user defined lock, captive lock, or coin operated lock to name the most prevalent user locks marketed today. Different locks fit differing circumstances, however the more diverse the lock is often the more costly it is. It is often best to discuss your parameters with a cell phone storage locker representative before making your buying decision.

    Mounting Capability of Personal Storage Lockers

    Mini storage lockers are currently offered in the marketplace in recessed, surface, and free-standing installation options. Some lockers can only be mounted in certain ways whereas others have the whole host of installation options available. Today, the surface mount cell phone lockers remain the most popular because of the simplicity and ease of installation. Cell phone cabinet buyers should decide of their unit location and mounting selection before purchasing a unit.

    Mini Storage Cabinet Configurations

    Phone storage locker configurations have become more diverse as the cell phone cabinet has expanded over the past decade. The mini storage cabinet configuration refers to the arrangement of compartment doors and size of each user door. Configuration options are dependent upon the flexibility options each manufacturer offers to the marketplace. Locking cell phone cabinets with mixed door size configurations are growing in popularity due to the expanding size of cell phones. A well thought out configuration provides the end user with the versatility they desire in a cell phone locker.

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