• Entrance Mats

    Determining The Size & Location Of Your Entrance Mat

    What size mat should I order for my business? The door opening helps determine the appropriate size of your floor mat. The width of the entrance mat should be least 80% of the width of the door opening, where the mat is located. Needless to say, a business with double door entrance needs more width in their entry mat. The length of the mat should allow for at least two steps, so the moisture and entrance matdirt does not end up on the interior floor. The entrance mat thickness should allow for ample clearance so the the doors can open and close easily.

    Should I locate my entrance mat inside or outside the front entryway? If the mat is located where it is exposed to rain, slush, snow, or ice, it is imperative that the mat traps moisture and dirt effectively. An entrance mat located in the lobby or in a protected entryway does not need not to be resistant to the weather and elements. Entrance mats located inside is the best way to help ensure a clean business lobby.