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    Restroom Partitions Provide Buyers Many Choices

    USA Building Supplies is excited to roll out its latest addition to its growing Division 10 product offerings. Bathroom stalls while regarded as a relatively basic building product requires choices by the buyer to make sure they are selecting the best product for their end use application. The first selection most commercial washroom partition shoppers need to make a decision on is the material the stalls are fabricated of. Most restroom partition suppliers and USA Building Supplies offer bathroom stalls in;

    •  Powder Coated Steel
    •  Solid Plastic (HDPE)
    •  Stainless Steel
    •  Plastic Laminate
    •  Color Thru Phenolic
    •  Black Core Phenolic

    Each commercial bathroom partition material is offered at different costs and has its own unique properties which may make it suitable to your application. Another key buying decision the restroom partition shopper needs to make early in their buying process how to mount the bathroom stalls. Commercial washroom stalls from USA Building Supplies are offered in;

    • Floor Anchored
    • Floor Anchored / Overhead Braced
    • Ceiling Hung
    • Floor to Ceiling Anchored

    Each installation method has its advantages which we will detail after an overview of the different material choices previously mentioned.

    Powder Coated Steel Restroom Partitions Provide an Excellent Value

    The combination of quality and economics are the reasons articulated by shoppers that ultimately select powder coated steel commercial restroom partitions. Powder coated steel bathroom stalls are a popular choice among buyers therefore you will find most industry suppliers can delivery these partitions in wide range of colors quickly. In addition due to the assortment of colors offered by suppliers you are likely to find a color selection that coordinates with your washroom’s décor. Powder coated steel partitions are resistant to fading and scuffing which help keep your restroom looking good over time. Routine cleaning and maintenance and cleaning of powder coated steel bathroom stalls is relatively easy.

    HDPE Commercial Toilet Partitions Function Well in High Humidity Settings

    Busy public restroom facilities that have high humidity environments often require a selection of solid plastic restroom partitions. HDPE partitions are resistant to most cleaning agents as well as mildew, graffiti, and moisture. Your maintenance staff can address other projects because solid plastic bathroom stalls will never require painting. A wide range of solid plastic colors are available with our most popular colors being offered in 100% post-consumer recyclable materials. A factory warranty of whopping fifteen years speaks for itself in regards to the durability of HDPE commercial restroom partitions.

    Stainless Steel Commercial Restroom Stalls Make a High End Statement

    Buildings that promote a luxurious environment often take a strong look at buying stainless steel restroom partitions. The high quality and appearance of stainless steel and the fact that this type of material will retains it good look indefinitely make it stand out from other materials. Upkeep of stainless steel partitions is simple and even scratches can be buffed out quickly. Available in a standard smooth finish with optional upgrades to textured finishes which add to the resistance of stainless steel stalls to vandalism.

    Attractive Plastic Laminate Toilet Partitions Offer Exceptional Value

    Shoppers looking for commercial bathroom stalls that look great and provide excellent durability at an affordable price may have found their material choice with plastic laminate. Plastic laminate restroom partitions can be order in an extensive assortment of colors and patterns which makes us virtually certain you will be able to find a suitable match for your washroom. The plastic laminate material will not rust or dent and dirt, grease, and cosmetics will not penetrate the surface. Restroom partitions built out plastic laminate are a great selection for installations in office buildings, doctor’s offices, and restaurants. Conversely, plastic laminate toilet partitions are not a good choice in environments where graffiti, vandalism, and moisture are prevalent.

    Black Core Phenolic Restroom Stalls are Well Suited for Wet Environments

    Black core phenolic toilet partitions are ideal for extreme moisture conditions which include showers, pools, and other settings where maintenance hoses down the stalls for cleaning purposes. The material type is smooth and cleans easily. In addition black phenolic partitions are an excellent end use choice where vandalism is an issue. Black core phenolic restroom partitions are available in variety of colors that all have black edges.

    Color Thru Phenolic Partitions Have Proven to be a Dependable Choice

    High traffic washroom facilities often find that color thru phenolic restroom stalls offer the strong presence they often require. Because of the traffic in your commercial restroom has it is likely to be susceptible to vandalism which this material performs admirable against as well. Color thru phenolic restroom partitions resist water, oil, and bacteria. The manufacturer’s 10 year warranty is a testimony to the confidence you can have that you have found a dependable toilet partition material.

    Floor Anchored & Overhead Braced is Most Common Installation Method

    Heavy traffic commercial restrooms that are likely to have vandalism incidents typically choose this popular mounting method. Easy to install and method can be used in existing or new buildings.

    Floor Anchored Mounting Method

    This installation choice enhances the openness of the space the stalls are mounted in. Floor anchored restroom partitions require a 2” minimum penetration into the floor.

    Ceiling Hung Mounted Restroom Partitions Keep Your Maintenance Crew Happy

    Ceiling hung bathroom stalls are well suited for facilities with low ceilings. Structural ceiling supports are required for proper installations. Floors are easy and quick to clean by your maintenance staff because the floor is free of obstructions.

    Floor to Ceiling Mount is a Solid Choice

    Floor to ceiling mount installation method requires a concrete floor and a structural ceiling for mounting. Restroom stalls once installed by this method are extremely stable.