• Group 10 – 27" height


    USPS-STD-4C Mailboxes Mounting Options

    USA Building Supplies offers a wide selection of mounting options for USPS-STD-4C mailboxes. Recessed mount 4C horizontal mailboxes are the installation option most often used by end users. The reason why this mounting option most prevalent is a recessed mount mailbox gives a new construction project a flush finished appearance. Typically, construction project managers will already have the framework of the mailbox selection set forth in their division 10 specifications and architectural plans. Another mounting option for 4C mailboxes is surface mounting. This is accomplished by a fully assembled collar that supports and houses the USPS-STD-4C mailbox. This type of installation comes in handy for existing buildings that prefer to not cut a hole into the wall. However, it should be noted that 4C mailbox module will project out from the wall approximately 18” and should be planned for accordingly. Another alternative for installing your 4C horizontal mailbox is a freestanding enclosure. The 4C horizontal mailbox enclosure allows the end user great flexibility on where they install their centralized mail receptacle. If the 4C mailbox is for postal delivery, please consult with postal officials to gain mutual agreement before purchasing. Recently, manufacturers have introduced the 4C pedestal mailbox which has been in high demand. The 4C pedestal mailbox is not yet received USPS Certification; however local postmasters have been willing to grant local variances in certain circumstances. USA Building Supplies’ representatives are ready to help facilitate your next 4C horizontal mailbox purchase.