• Charging Laptop Lockers


    Tek Stak Laptop Lockers Provide Three Distinct Benefits

    The electronic device storage line of products at USA Building Supplies is getting plenty of looks from potential clients from a wide spectrum of industries. Laptop storage cabinet buyers sight the distinct benefits of storing, securing, and charging laptops when not in use as the primary reasons for purchasing this product. A secondary value laptop locker buyer’s sight is the safety the units provide with their ventilated sides, which keeps devices cool when in storage.

    Spacious Compartments for Storing Your Electronic DevicesTek Stak laptop lockers

    Fold down compartment doors coupled with ample sized compartments assures buyers that laptops will be stored safely and are easy to remove and put back into storage. Few things are more frustrating trying to fit a relatively fragile item into a tight space and then having to remove it regularly.

    Laptop Storage Lockers Secured Adequately

    All Tek Stak laptop lockers are equipped with either keyed or electronic locks, so you can be assured that the units are in good safekeeping. Laptop lockers can also be equipped with hasps for customer provided locks if the client prefers. Master key and code access is routinely discussed with the prospective customers prior to finalizing their laptop computer cabinet purchase.

    Make Sure Your Laptops are Juiced Up charging laptop lockers

    Charging laptop lockers are a product that it seems customers are more than willing to pay for. USA Building Supplies offers charging laptop lockers in five or ten compartment models for clients to choose from. Tek Stak laptop lockers even allow customers to charge up to two devices at one time, therefore you can relax knowing that your laptop and other devices will have plenty of charge in them for the next time you use them.

    Tek Stak Laptop Locker Specialists are Available

    USA Building Supplies has well versed laptop computer locker specialists on staff to handle any of your questions. Give them a call today and find out why clients rave about their customer service.

    Contact the building supply specialists at USA Building Supplies for information on our full line of Tek-Stak Laptop Lockers or CALL 1.855-373-5381.