• Electronic Key Safe

    Electronic Key Safe is Intelligently Designed

    USA Building Supplies is proud to announce our new electronic key safe which was designed solve your key control problems. The electronic key safe has a battery operated programmable key pad on the door that eliminates that need for everyday keyed access entry for the supervisor. What happens if the existing supervisor quits and doesn't communicate the combination to his superiors? What happens if the power goes out? USA Building Supplies has even addressed these issues with a removable faceplate that has a back-up lock. Therefore when purchasing an electronic key safe USA Building Supplies advises clients to keep back-up lock keys with a different supervisor for contingency plan. Needless to say we do not want you to store the key override key in the key cabinet. Electronic key cabinets are fabricated from steel with sand color finish. Easy marking key tags in black color are furnished with every electronic key locker. Electronic key cabinet has a 48 key capacity which accommodates most buildings key control requirements. Red light indicator will assist supervisors to know when batteries are low and need to be replaced. USA Building Supplies is pleased to offer another innovative product for our customers to solve their problems.

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