• Non-Charging Laptop Lockers


    Laptop Lockers Provide Storage Solutions

    Tek-Stak laptop lockersUSA Building Supplies has non-charging locking laptop lockers for storage of electronic devices. This type of laptop locker has been growing in demand with the influx of larger cell phones, tablets, and laptops. USA Building Supplies offers configurations of five to 12 compartments. These locking laptop cabinets have a compartment size of 19 ¾"W x 4"H x 20 7/8"D. Laptop compartments can be locked with keyed locks, hasps for customer provided padlocks, or electronic locks. Electronic locks are growing in popularity despite their increased cost because clients love the fact that users can define their combination quickly and easily. A master key is provided free of charge for the electronic lock units, whereas a master key must be purchased for the keyed lock modules. An assortment of powder coat finishes makes this laptop cabinet an attractive storage solution. The drawer base option is handy for storage of key wrist bands or related items. The laminate top feature provides a flat work surface and can be ordered in various colors. Front fold down doors allow for quick access to the user compartment. Durability and long life are assured with our 20 gauge steel construction. Professional USA Building Supplies' sales representatives are ready to assist you now!

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