• Private Brass Rear Loading


    Brass Horizontal Mailbox Options

    USA Building Supplies wants to empower our customers to be able choose the desired options for their brass horizontal mailboxes. Custom size horizontal mailbox modules are available upon request and we ask for you to call a USA Building Supplies representative to discuss your requirements. Rear loading horizontal receptacles are furnished with an open back, however a locking hinged rear cover can be purchased as additional option. Snap on trim for your brass mailboxes can be ordered to give your installation a finished appearance. Each brass mailbox door is outfitted to mark the tenant's name and/or box number. USA Building Supplies will furnish self-adhesive numbers (1 – 3000) upon request with a standard order. Additional identification systems for marking tenant doors are offered such as custom window engraving, and label holders. The label holders can be used on either the front or rear of the mailbox. Brass mailboxes are outfitted with cam locks typically; however optional combination locks can be installed on these units. Whatever option you choose for your private use brass horizontal mailboxes you can be assured that replacement doors, locks, and parts can be procured at a later date. Contact a USA Building Supplies sales specialist today to go over all the details of your horizontal mailbox inquiry.

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