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    Navigating the USPS Regulations Concerning USPS 4B+ and 4C Horizontal Mailboxes

    USA Building Supplies is dedicated to providing the latest information regarding postal regulation changes as it pertains to the transition from USPS 4B+ compliant horizontal mailboxes to 4C receptacles. In 2006 the USPS put forth the new postal regulation USPS-STD-4C which required all new construction projects for wall installation mailboxes to use 4C mailboxes. USPS 4B+ horizontal and vertical mailboxes were still endorsed by the USPS, however only for replacement and remodels. The gray area in this regulation typically comes when a property owner is renovating their property, including the area for the commercial mailboxes. Often times enough wall space is not available, even with the proposed remodel. In these circumstances, USA Building Supplies advises the prospective client to consult with local postal officials to come up with a mutual solution concerning their centralized receptacle needs. One major consideration the prospective customer and USPS should discuss in this conversation is the type of load the new commercial mailboxes will be. Rear loading 4C receptacles and horizontal mailboxes require a secure room for the USPS to load the mail. Front loading receptacles require more clearance for the postman to deliver the mail in an area that typically has more traffic than a dedicated room. Contact a commercial mailbox specialist at USA Building Supplies today.

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