• Regency Cluster Mailboxes

    Cluster Mailboxes

    Cluster mailboxes are the preferred method of mail delivery for the U.S. Postal Service as we move through the 21st century. The USPS prefers cluster box units because the mail deliveries are centralized allowing the mail carrier to deliver numerous residences at one stop. The Postal Service and the general public prefer a cluster box due to their prevention in identity theft. Every mailbox compartment is equipped with heavy duty lock and the CBU is constructed of heavy duty aircraft aluminum ensuring theft and vandal resistant mailbox. Parcel locker(s) are also integrated standard into every cluster box unit, which is a vastly favorable feature amongst the U.S. Postal Service and the general public with explosion of e-commerce.

    Cluster Box Unit Configurations

    Cluster box units are available in four standard configurations and have finish, decorative accessories and door identification options. The eight and sixteen tenant door cluster box configurations have two built in parcel lockers. The twelve and thirteen cluster box units each have one package locker in their configuration. Because of the recent rise of e-commerce and mail order prescription drugs, the eight and sixteen door configurations are ordered more often. These units have more parcel lockers in their configurations thus providing secure parcel delivery.

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