• Roll-A-Bout Cabinets


    Roll-a-Bout Mailbox Cabinets are a Space Saver

    USA Building Supplies offers a wide selection of innovative products for private application customers like the Roll-a-Bout mailbox cabinets. Sometimes a business wants to add mailboxes as an additional service for their clients, but wall space is limited. USA Building Supplies has the solution for the situation. The 2300 series Roll-A-Bout private use mailbox cabinet is engineered to accommodate five of our 2200 series mailbox modules. The 2350 series Roll-a-Bout cabinet houses two rear loading brass mailbox modules. Mailboxes for both cabinets are loaded through the back of the cabinet and the mail is retrieved by clients through the front. Overall security is virtually assured for clients by installing a padlock on the hasp of the master rear access door. 2300 series Roll-a-Bout cabinets are finished in black whereas the 2350 series cabinet is powder coated tan. Mailboxes for both series of mobile cabinets must be purchased separately. Installation of the mailbox modules into the cabinet must be performed in the field. Installation instructions are furnished standard with your Roll-a-Bout cabinets. Finally an additional vital consideration is the services required by your organization to receive delivery of your Roll-a-Bout mobile mailbox cabinet.

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