• Universal NDCBU Pedestals


    Universal NDCBU Pedestals for Temporary Repair

    USA Building Supplies has universal NDCBU pedestals to repair your outdated Neighborhood & Delivery Box Units (commonly called NDCBU). The NDCBU was the USPS Approved cluster mailbox on a pedestal until the late 1990's decade until the USPS required cluster box units. The NDCBU was a rear loading unit and the mail carrier had to leave their mail truck to deliver the mail. The Postal Service and the marketplace also felt there were other shortcomings of this pedestal mailbox. The security, durability, lack of parcel lockers in universal ndcbu pedestalstandard units, and smaller tenant size doors were all reasons the marketplace demanded a change to the USPS Approved pedestal mailbox. The major manufacturers including Florence, Bommer, and Salsbury along with U.S. Postal Service collaborated to create a new pedestal mailbox known today more commonly as the cluster box unit. However, plenty of the old style NDCBUs still remained in the field and the postal service needed to make a decision on what customer were allowed to do as the NDCBU aged. The USPS decided that the NDCBU pedestal mailbox could be repaired but must be replaced with a cluster box unit. This transitional time in the pedestal mailbox marketplace lead many manufacturers out of the commercial mailbox industry, thus the industry consolidated. Hence, the need for universal NDCBU pedestal was needed as a temporary solution for aging NDCBU pedestal mailboxes. The universal NDCBU pedestal with its multiple drill hole pattern mounting plate will work with nearly all models in the marketplace. Contact a USA Building Supplies professional today to see if we can provide temporary repair to your mailbox.