Cell Phone Lockers Outlook

cell phone lockers

Many wonder what product enhancements lay ahead in the future for cell phone lockers. The rapid increase in the use of cell phone cabinets has led manufacturers and distributors scratching their heads on how they can further expand this product line differentiate themselves from their competition and create new opportunities. Few would deny that the evolution mobile phones will precipitate adjustments of manufacturer’s cell phone lockers product offerings. A recent discussion with industry insiders and representatives from a leading distributor of cell phone storage cabinets USA Building Supplies offered a possible glimpse into the future which detailed below.

  • Decorative Finishes & Trim – Many industry executives believe that you will see a wider range of decorative finishes and trim to help manufacturers distinguish their cell phone cabinet from their competitions. Mobile phone lockers are often located in reception areas and customers want to make sure that reception area makes the impression they desire.

  • Larger & More Mixed Compartment Configurations – This option is available from cell phone locker suppliers currently however it only presented on a limited basis. The baby boomers are aging therefore larger electronic devices seem to be a logical evolution thus there will be a need mixed door sized cabinet configurations and larger compartment door sizes cell phone lockers. Currently, cell phone storage cabinet suppliers tend to market more cookie cutter type configurations; however rest assured that is likely to change.

  • Cell Phone Lockers that Charge Devices – This product is already in the marketplace and seems to be gaining some traction in entertainment industry and building where cell phones are prohibited. Casinos and Disney entertainment parks are a couple of examples that come to mind. One should note however that mini storage lockers with charging capability will only be as popular as the cost versus benefit argument proves worthwhile for the end user.

  • Additional Locking Device Options – Currently, there are numerous lock choices available for cell phone cabinets including cam locks, combination locks, user definable locks, and coin operated locks. Industry insiders believe the coin operated lock for compartment doors may gain momentum in the future as courthouses and other government building managers add cell phone lockers as a necessary product for their building’s safety. Another type of lock that may be looked at by manufacturers is a captive lock that works in conjunction with membership card. The purpose of this type of lock for cell phone lockers is for organizations who want the mini cell phone lockers to be self-serving and at no cost for each time the locker is used.

  • Logo Cell Phone Lockers – Logo or vanity cell phone lockers is one idea a that was mentioned by a representative from USA Building Supplies. The representative thinks was this would yet another way for the company’s to brand their organization in their reception area. In addition, from the cell phone storage lockers manufacturer’s perspective this will help them separate their product from others available in the marketplace.

  • Mobile Cell Phone Lockers – Training centers are common user of cell phone cabinets however sometimes these seminars move from classroom to classroom throughout the building. Therefore, many industry insiders believe there is a market for mini storage locker on casters to meet this requirement.

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