Pedestal Mailboxes have become the Commercial Mailbox Choice

pedestal mailbox

Years ago the Postal Service was far more liberal in allowing the developer, property manager, general contractor or other commercial mailbox buyers decide on what type of mailbox to use. Times and the marketplace have changed as the USPS started to watch their wallet as profits shrunk. No longer does the Postal Service allow potential customers rule the roost when it comes to selecting the commercial mailbox for their needs. The growth manager at the designated Postal Service district office is instrumental in deciding what type of commercial mailbox will be installed and typically it is some type of pedestal mailbox that is recommended.

Cluster Box Units are the Preferred Pedestal Mailbox

The cluster box unit is the most commonly used pedestal mailbox for curbside centralized delivery. Cluster boxes are front loading and are USPS certified. All cluster box units are constructed of high quality extruded aluminum and feature high security locks. In addition cluster boxes feature at least one parcel locker to accept packages and an outgoing mail compartment to accommodate end user’s outgoing mail needs. Cluster box units are preferred by the U.S. Postal Service due to their security, and the speed in which their letter carriers can deliver mail to multiple addresses at one time.

4C Pedestal Mailboxes Provide Clients an Additional Option

4C pedestal mailboxes are the latest addition to the commercial mailbox category often called pedestal mailboxes. The 4C pedestal mailbox offers end user the same durability and security benefit a cluster box unit provides, however it is not USPS approved. This presents an issue for both the buyer and the commercial mailbox supplier. The issue is typically resolved by the end user communicating with local postal officials to get permission to use this type of pedestal mailbox because of their circumstances. Once USPS permission is granted the mail receptacle supplier will fill the 4C pedestal mailbox order accordingly.

Pedestal Mailbox Conclusion

Pedestal mailboxes are being utilized by end users due to their ease of installation. Pedestal mailboxes are being strongly suggested by the USPS because of their security and the fact that they help expedite delivery. What we have here is the beginnings of a happy partnership it appears.

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