4C Horizontal Mailboxes have Organized Modular Design

Have you ever looked at something and been totally confused only to have explained later and have it make perfect sense? The commercial mail receptacle 4C horizontal mailboxes fits this scenario well. Often, the first time a buyer reviews the STD-4C mail receptacle STD-4C mailboxwithout experienced assistance and it seems too overwhelming and cluttered. Once a seasoned representative from a commercial mailbox supplier like USA Building Supplies gets involved most buyers are impressed on how well thought out the design is of 4C horizontal mailboxes.

Pre-Configured 4C Mailboxes are grouped by Cabinet Height

Typically, most commercial mail receptacle suppliers group pre-configured modules by module height because that is the way they are usually purchased and installed. Most commercial mailbox buyers prefer an installation that is clean, attractive and 4C horizontal mailboxprofessional therefore practically all installations are done with 4C modules of the same height. Each grouping of pre-configured modules contains both single and double wide 4C horizontal mailbox cabinets which help building designers maximize their wall space.

Custom Configurations for 4C Horizontal Mailboxes

Nearly all commercial mail receptacle suppliers allow for customization of door sizes within their pre-configured 4C mailboxes. 4C horizontal mailboxes can be built with one, two, three, four, or sometimes even five high tenant doors to accommodate different mail volume requirements of the occupants. In addition, most centralized mailbox suppliers offer STD-4C mail receptacles with four, five, six, or sometimes even seven high package locker compartments to handle different size parcels. Recently, many 4C mailbox manufacturers have started to offer custom sized outgoing mail compartments for outgoing mail. All of these custom options are great but typically require a veteran representative from a reputable commercial mailbox company like USA Building Supplies to assist the potential client in putting together an effective configuration. Experienced representatives typically will recommend putting larger occupant compartments and parcel towards the bottom of the 4C module to make unloading the parcel or package easier for the end user. Contact a 4C mailbox specialist at USA Building Supplies today!

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