4C Mailboxes Evolving as the Premier Commercial Mailbox

4C mailbox

The sales and support team at USA Building Supplies has many years of experience in the commercial mailbox industry and is starting to see the 4C mailbox emerge as the mail receptacle of the future for most applications. The 4C mailbox introduced in 2006 as a wall installation mailbox with postal certification has spun off into many variations to accommodate marketplace demands. In addition, potential customers love the versatility the STD-4C mailbox offers in terms of configurations which allows for the mail receptacle to be tailored to the customer requirements. Below is a highlight of the 4C mailbox product line along with a brief synopsis which will help you understand why the USPS-STD-4C mailbox is becoming the premier commercial mailbox.

4C Horizontal Mailbox

The 4C horizontal mailbox was the original design that was introduced into the marketplace in 2006. The 4C horizontal mailbox was designed by a collaboration of industry manufacturers and associations, and the U.S. Postal Service to move wall installation mailboxes into the 21st Century. Significant improvements were made the 4C horizontal mailbox construction, security, construction, and functionality. The initial design of the 4C horizontal mailbox called for a recessed commercial mailbox because the primary need for this premium mailbox was for new construction. Quickly, the marketplace demanded the needed for a surface mounted 4C mailbox and the industry manufacturers responded swiftly with robust collar to allow the recessed 4C horizontal mailbox to be attached to a wall. In addition, the marketplace demanded more than the initial preset configurations originally introduced. After receiving the U.S. Postal Service’s blessing the industry manufacturers responded with customizable 4C horizontal mailbox modules within manufacturing sensible framework. Once these product enhancements were well established in the 4C mailbox community the industry manufacturers moved forward to offer additional mounting methods due to obvious demand.

4C Mailbox Kiosks

For years buyers of commercial mailboxes have expressed a desire to have more versatile free-standing centralized mail receptacle. The only free-standing  USPS approved commercial mailbox at the time was a cluster box unit but only offered standardized configurations due to the current postal licensing agreement with industry manufacturers. Because of the inflexibility of the cluster box design coupled with customer demand industry manufacturer went to work developing 4C mailbox kiosks to provide flexibility to the end users. Because the 4C mailbox kiosks were significantly different than pedestal mailbox design of the cluster box unit the Postal Service did not take issue with this product extension. Today, free-standing 4C mailboxes are still available and considered as viable commercial mailbox alternative for commercial mailbox buyers however the recent introduction of the 4C pedestal mailbox has stolen some this product offerings thunder.

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