4C Mailboxes Feature Mail Security & More!

4C horizontal mailboxThe commercial mailbox community of manufacturers, distributors, volume buyers, and the Postal Service collaborated to make a higher security wall installation mailbox to help combat identity theft. By the time the group had finished its product development collaboration the 4C mailbox design had much more than additional security in comparison to other commercial mailboxes. Today, the revolutionary design of the STD-4C mailbox has transformed the industry and indications are that it will be the premier mail receptacle for centralized delivery for decades to come.

The 4C mailbox features many of the same security features as the current cluster box units. That being said, it is rather obvious that the USPS-STD-4C mail receptacle offers significantly more in terms of versatility than other commercial mailboxes that have gained USPS certification. The 4C mailbox is offered in variety of mounting styles including recessed, surface, kiosk, and pedestal mount. The 4C horizontal mailbox provides customers with different resident, parcel, outgoing mail compartment doors sizes that provide buyers a host of customization options. The manufacturers of 4C mailboxes offer a much larger selection of preconfigured mail receptacle models for prospective clients to choose from. Commercial mailbox buyers also have a wide range of finish choices to choose from whereas with other commercial mailboxes this may be somewhat limited. All of this additional versatility has many commercial mailbox insiders believing that the wave of the future for centralized delivery is the 4C horizontal mailbox.

Nowadays, mail security is the paramount concern for the USPS and its clients and the 4C horizontal mailbox certainly passes this test with flying colors. The 4C mailbox for reasons previously stated is by far a more versatile mailbox than any other type of commercial mailbox in the industry. Because of this flexibility of 4C mailbox and the less likelihood that the internet can make this a commodity, suppliers like USA Building Supplies have focused their marketing efforts on this type of commercial mailbox.

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