4C Mailboxes in a Nut Shell

Calls often come in to the customer service center at USA Building Supplies with potential customers inquiring about 4C mailboxes, but the inquirer has little knowledge of the product whatsoever. Therefore, one USA Building Supplies’ experienced staff member gave us a brief overview of the 4C horizontal mailbox. 4C horizontal mailboxes entered the marketplace in 2006 when the USPS put forth USPS-STD-4C regulation for the commercial mailbox manufacturers to adhere to for wall installation mail receptacles. This postal regulation called for STD-4C mailboxes to be built out of heavy duty aluminum and to be able to be used both inside and outside. In addition, manufacturers of 4C mailboxes were required to use the same resident door locking systems that were currently being utilized on the F Series cluster box units to keep security of the mail of paramount importance. Additionally, high security STD-4C mailboxes were required to have larger resident incoming mail compartments to accommodate flat mail. Another issue that USPS-STD-4C postal regulation addresses was the need for additional package lockers for all new wall installation mail receptacles.  The regulation currently states that new 4C horizontal mailbox installations require a 10 tenant to one parcel locker ratio. Subsequently, many of the pre-configured 4CSTD-4C mailbox mailbox cabinets integrate at least one package locker in the unit. Initially, the 4C mailbox was designed to be in a recessed mounting style only, however the popularity of the receptacle has led to an expansion of installation methods.

STD-4C Mailbox Suppliers Offer Additional Mounting Options

Recessed mounted 4C horizontal mailboxes were the first installation option available for this type mail receptacle primarily to make sure the new construction market was addressed.  The successful release and implementation of the 4C mailboxes subsequently drove the commercial mailbox manufacturers to offer additional mounting alternatives into the marketplace including kiosks, surface mount collars, and pedestal mounted mail receptacles. Ultimately, these additional mounting styles combined with the customizable qualities of the configuration of 4C mailbox modules made the units a preferred commercial mailbox choice for buyers.

4C Mailbox Installations Gaining Ground on the Cluster Box Unit as the Premier Commercial Mailbox

Cluster box units and the other pedestal mailboxes that came before have typically been the leading segment of commercial mailboxes. Today, the 4C mailbox is starting to nip at the heels of the cluster box due to its versatility without sacrificing durability or security. In addition, the 4C horizontal mailbox has wider product options and selection of pre-configured modules which are making them quickly a real solution for commercial mail receptacle buyers.

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