4C Mailboxes Taking on a Variety of Looks

In 2006, the USPS put forth regulation USPS-STD-4C thus changing the standard for wall installation mail receptacles in the commercial mailbox marketplace. The original design of the 4C horizontal mailbox was a recessed mounted receptacle with limited options. A decade later, the progression of the STD-4C mailbox have moved at lightning speed in an industry that moves more deliberately primarily because of Postal Service governance. The marketplace demanded, and with the commercial mailbox manufacturers working with a more liberal Postal Service, the 4C horizontal mailbox product offering has blossomed into today the most versatile mail receptacle in the industry

4C Horizontal Mailbox Mounting Styles4c mail receptacle

Today the 4C horizontal mailbox is offered by many commercial mailbox suppliers in recessed, surface, pedestal and kiosk mounting styles.  Initially, the recessed 4C mail receptacle was offered into the marketplace but the general public quickly demanded more alternatives to accomplish their centralized delivery goals. Shortly thereafter the commercial mailbox manufacturers developed surface mount collars to allow for wall mounting of 4C mailboxes. Finally and partly due the lack of flexibility of the current pedestal mailboxes in the marketplace the 4C pedestal mailbox and 4C mailbox stations were developed to satisfy the public thirst for more free-standing cluster mailbox alternatives.

Pre-Configured & Customized 4C Mailboxes have Revolutionized the Industry

The diverse product offering of pre-configured 4C horizontal mailboxes and the flexibility to customize the 4C mailbox cabinet has made it a winner for commercial mailbox buyers and end users. Prospective clients love the fact that they can help design the best product for their end users. Previously, the commercial mail receptacle marketplace had been characterized quite often by a one size fits all mentality primarily due to the Postal Service’s stringent governance. Today, the USPS, commercial mailbox suppliers, and the end users are all much happier due the versatility of the 4C mailbox.

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