Buying Cluster Box Units for a New Subdivision

cluster box unit

Your boss has just delegated you the duty to buy commercial mailboxes for a subdivision your company is currently building. The task when delegated would seem to be routine until you start to dig into the details. First, you go online and start research the different types of commercial mailboxes. Then you talk to couple representatives at these commercial mailbox suppliers to help narrow down your centralized mail receptacle options. Finally, after speaking to a seasoned representative at USA Building Supplies you decide the best option is to head down to the local post office and collaborate with person in charge of centralized mail receptacles for your area. This suggestion proves to be beneficial because it gives you a direction on the commercial mailbox project.

Determining the Right Commercial Mailbox for Your Project

Upon discussing different alternatives with postal officials it becomes apparent that you will need to purchase outdoor mail receptacles. Essentially, the mailbox decision came down to either cluster box units or 4C mailboxes. After further collaboration with the local USPS it was mutually decided that cluster boxes would be the best option for the project.

Cluster Box Unit Locations

After further discussions with the local USPS it was decided that you would need thirty two mailboxes in one location, thirty six in another area, and forty in the final location. The helpful postal official recommended two sixteen door cluster boxes for location one, three twelve door cluster box units in area two, and two sixteen door CBUs and an eight door cluster box unit in the final location. Now that you know what needed it was time to go cluster box unit shopping

Choosing the Proper Cluster Box Unit Type

Now that you know what you needed you figured you were on the road to making your cluster box unit purchase. Upon calling the first commercial mailbox supplier you learn that there are different types of cluster box units. The three types of cluster boxes are F Series cluster box units, high security cluster box units, and decorative cluster box units. All three types of cluster box units are USPS certified. The F Series cluster box units is the most commonly used pedestal mailbox in the marketplace. The high security cluster box is primarily used for high crime areas. Decorative cluster box units are for clients looking to add an upscale touch to their community. It was decided that the F Series cluster box unit was the right commercial mailbox for your situation.

Cluster Box Unit Option Choices

F Series cluster box units allow for the customer to determine the access of the receptacle, door identification, and the finish of the unit.  The access option for the cluster box is either USPS or private access. Because cluster box units are used most often for postal applications the USPS access option is picked for most situations. Private access commercial mailboxes are for non-postal applications. The door identification of the unit refers to the outside markings on each compartment door to differentiate one compartment door from another. It should be noted that door identification is for the tenant’s benefit not the mail carrier because he or she does not see the front of the mailbox doors when loading the mail. The mail carrier once you receive the unit will label the inside shelves with the designated resident compartment to assist them in mail delivery. Door identification from different commercial mailbox suppliers can typically be done with metal decals, engraving, or black filled engraving. The final option that will need to be determined is the finish of the cluster box unit. Currently, cluster box units by postal direction can be finish in sandstone, gray, black, dark bronze, white, or forest green colors. Most commercial mailbox suppliers offer these pedestal mailboxes in the majority of these finishes. 

Getting the Best Price for Your Cluster Box Purchase

Like most industries suppliers offer the best discounts for volume purchase. Often, for volume cluster box unit purchase the freight for the units is included. It is important for the cluster box unit buyer to clarify whether that freight is for standard service or whether it includes typical added services like delivery notification and lift gate service. The best course of action for a volume buyer of cluster box units is to purchase all of the units once with delivery at one time.

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