Cell Phone Locker Revenues Climb

Companies are always searching for additional product lines that can affect the bottom line like cell phone lockers have for USA Building Supplies. The sales team was astonished to learn the different applications that lockable cell phone cabinets were being utilized. End users have been using cell phone lockers for mobile phones, jewelry, keys, wallets, and other prized small items. The vast array of cell phone storage locker options has also contributed to expanding mini storage cabinet marketplace.

Cell Phone Cabinet Mounting Optionslockable cell phone cabinet

Cell phone storage cabinets offer over three different ways to install your units. The surface mount unit is the most popular mounting method because it allows the end user the ability to mount the lockable cell phone cabinet to a wall thus not significantly modifying their current building. Recessed mount cell phone lockers require a wall cut out therefore tend to be more popular for newly constructed buildings. Finally, some of the cell phone locker manufacturers have recently come out with an enclosure to mount the mobile phone cabinet into thus making it free-standing. The cell phone cabinet enclosure mounting option allows the end user to have more freedom on where the cell phone locker system can be located.

cell phone storage lockersCell Phone Locker Configuration Features

The diverse range of the size of mobile phones has made cell phone locker suppliers offer versatile cabinet configurations. Cell phone cabinets can feature larger door sizes throughout the entire unit or mixed compartment doors within the cabinet. In addition, cell phone lockers can be manufactured with access panel master entry or with master key access with a management key which can be utilized.

Cell Phone Storage Cabinet Finish Choices

Most cell phone lockers suppliers offer an array of finish options for buyers to choose from. Often, the cell phone cabinet supplier will have a standard finish and then additional choices that are available at an up charge. Most cell phone locker buyers tend to be selective in choosing their finish because the cell phone cabinet is often located in a highly visible area in their building.

Cell Phone Locker Locking Device Selections

The locking device selection for your cell phone lockers requires buyers to be familiar with the end use scenario. Cell phone lockers that have extremely frequent visitors utilizing the storage compartments daily often require some type of combination lock. Cell phone lockers that have less daily usage are often equipped with key locks for the compartment doors for simplicity and overall cost of the unit.

Cell Phone Cabinet Door Identification Alternatives

Often, door id on cell phone cabinets is a forgotten about option which should be taken seriously. Cell phone locker doors are typically identified with cardholders, engraving, or decorative engraving. Cardholder door id offers the end user the most flexibility because the door designation can be changed by simply changing the cardboard tag in the cardholder. Engraving and decorative engraving provide better appearance benefits but less versatility and often more cost.

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