Cell Phone Locker Sales Continue Robust Growth for Wisconsin Based Supplier

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The real estate recession forced many commercial mailbox suppliers to expand into products out of their comfort zone and appears that Wisconsin based USA Building Supplies found a winner in cell phone lockers. These small lockers are being utilized more often these days as security becomes a paramount issue for corporations, government entities, and other organizations. The expanded capabilities of cell phones for video, voice memos, and cameras are typically reasons why facility managers are sighting why these personal lockers are necessary in their building to improve security.

Small Lockers are offered in Preconfigured and Custom Models

Cell phone lockers that are available from USA Building Supplies are in an assortment of occupant compartment configurations and can be customized as well. Most preconfigured models the company offers feature a standard “A” size door which will accommodate most cell phones. However, for potential customers that are locking for flexibility the company does have mixed compartment door size configurations available or you inquire about customizing a cabinet.  All cell phone cabinets in come with an assortment of options available as well, including finish, mounting style, lock type, and door identification. Potential clients love that they have ability to pick the options that best suit their needs.

Will Upward Sales Trend Continue for Cell Phone Cabinets

Cell phone lockers appear to be a storage solution that is here to stay as long as mobile devices continue to be a staple in American society. Facility and security managers are paid to make sure that their building is safe and their organization is protected against unscrupulous acts by capturing information. Cell phone cabinets solve this issue for the building manager and also protect the visitor’s data while is he or she is away from their device.  In addition, USA Building Supplies is now seeing other applications for these personal lockers and capitalizing on them more every day.

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