Cell Phone Lockers Deliver Protection

USA Building Supplies, a Wisconsin based corporation has continued to see revenues grow primarily due to its diverse line of cell phone lockers. The company’s personal storage locker product offering is used by its customers to store cell phones, jewelry, wallets and other small items. Building supervisors are beginning to see cell phone lockers as a security necessity as the capability of electronic mobile devices expands. Locking cell phone cabinets provide device and data protection for the building visitor while protecting businesses and other organizations from unauthorized data collection by electronic devices by less than ethical guests.

Assortment of Cell Phone Lockers for Various Situationsmini storsge locker

The versatility of USA Building Supplies’ cell phone storage lockers sets them apart from others in the marketplace which has helped the company expand. Their cell phone cabinets are offered in an array of pre-configured models to accommodate space and capacity requirements of potential customers. In addition, the company now offers small locker models with mixed doors sizes to help accommodate the ever changing sizes of mobile phones. Cell phone lockers can also be purchased with different locking devices for the occupant door compartments. The two most popular locking devices are master keyed locks and combination locks. Master keyed locks offer simple key entry and are competitively priced whereas combination locks gets rid of all key management duties for the building supervisor. Cell phone cabinets can be recess or surface mounted. Recently, USA Building Supplies added cell phone locker enclosures to expand the options for installation for the end user. Currently, the company offers cell phone lockers in aluminum, bronze, sandstone, or gold powder coat finishes which helps satisfy even the most appearance conscious buyers. One final option consideration buyers need to ponder before purchasing their mini storage locker is the door identification which differentiates one user compartment from another. Door identification can be accomplished by cardholders, placards, engraving, or decorative engraving. Cardholder door identification is the most often selected choice because of the field flexibility it offers and cost.

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