Cell Phone Lockers Guard Trade Secrets

In today’s mobile electronics world it is becoming increasingly more difficult to protect your businesses’ trade secrets from guests with less than good intentions. Wisconsin based, USA Building Supplies has come up with a simple solution from letting your visitor’s mobile phones from wandering around your facility and perhaps unfortunately capturing information via video or photography. Cell phone lockers are banks of small personal lockers that securely store your guests or employee’s cell phones from being in restricted areas of your building. These mini storage lockers not only protect your business but also keep your customer’s device stored away securely.

Comparison of Fixed Gate and Entry Panel Cell Phone Cabinets

Fixed gate cell phone lockers differ from entry panel cell phone lockers in a few distinct ways. One way a fixed gate phone locker differs from an access panel mini locker is that the supervisor on a fixed gate can access occupant compartments only one at a time. In an cell phone lockersentry panel cell phone locker the supervisor can access all user compartments at one time because through master access the whole face panel swings open. Because of the master access panel entry gained to this type of cell phone locker the supervisor can distribute small items efficiently to the users if necessary. Obviously, small item distribution by a manager to a fixed gate cell phone cabinet would much more cumbersome. On the flip side, the fixed gate cell phone storage locker is typically a much better solution in narrow spaces because the face panel does not swing open thus it requires less space in front of the unit.

Cell Phone Locker Specialists are Eager to Assist

USA Building Supplies boasts an experienced cell phone locker staff that knows all the ins and outs of cell phone lockers. The representatives are happy furnish cell phone locker shop drawings for multiple unit installations so you can verify your available wall space. In addition, detailed quotations can be provided as well. Contact a seasoned cell phone locker sales associate today at USA Building Supplies and experience a whole another level of service.

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