Cell Phone Lockers Protect Your Business and Facility

cell phone lockerMost small business owners would not allow their competitors wander around their building with photographic and video equipment that can obtain information instantly. In addition, sometimes it is difficult to ascertain who your friends are and who your enemies are in the business world. For this very reason, Wisconsin based USA Building Supplies has come up with simple storage solution for mobile phones, commonly called cell phone lockers. Guests enter your building daily with cell phones. Employees carry them around for both personal and business reasons. While visitors and employees have legitimate reasons for having cell phones, it is important for business owners to have some control of where these devices are allowed and not permitted. Cell phone lockers provide security for the owners of the cell phones and protection for your business and facility.

Cell Phone Cabinets are offered with Different Options

Today, most business owners have come to the realization that having cell phone lockers in certain areas of their building is a prudent business decision. Once this need was determined it would be wise to thoroughly examine your options in the marketplace, so you can provide the proper cell phone locker solutions for your buildings. Usually, the first matter for the business owner to determine is how many cell phone locker compartments he or she needs at each cell phone cabinet location in the building. Once the business owner has determined his counts for each location he or she should determine the available wall space for where he or hse intends to install the cell phone locker. The determination of wall space will help the business owner determine the best cell phone cabinet configuration for each destination. The cell phone locker locking device is the next vital decision the business owner needs make. Cell phone cabinets are typically available with master keyed locks, combination locks, or user defined locks. Master keyed locks are the most commonly chosen locking device due to familiarity, and overall cost. Combination locks and user defined locks on the surface appear to be similar but in reality are different. Combination locks are resettable; however the process is not as user friendly as the user defined lock. Finally, the remaining options of type of mount, cell phone cabinet style, finish and door identification can be made by the owner with more ease because the ultimate consequences for the decision are not as great.

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