Cell Phone Lockers Provide Security for All Involved

These days’ electronic devices have become so advanced that many facility and building owners feel it necessary to quarantine them before guests enter the main parts of the building. One company, USA Building Supplies has provided a solution to make cell phone storage convenient for the guest and facility manager. This product is commonly called a cell phone locker. Cell phone lockers allow for temporary secure storage of most electronic devices so the facility managers knows that his building is secure and the visitor has peace of mind that their device is under safekeeping.

Mini Storage Lockers Meet Customer’s Requirementsmini storage lockers

Cell phone lockers are typically located in reception areas or entrances of the building. Cell phone cabinets typically are either recessed into a wall or surface mount to a wall. Potential clients can choose from an assortment of finishes to match their décor. Typically, most cell phone locker suppliers offer an assortment of pre-configured cabinets customers can choose from. Custom cell phone storage lockers are available upon request. Mini storage lockers as they are sometimes referred to as can be equipped with various locking devices. Often, cell phone lockers are outfitted master keyed locks which is the most economical and simplistic solution. Another common locking device for cell phone cabinets is combination locks which eliminates the need for key management.  Recently, another locking device called a user defined lock has started gain traction in the marketplace because it allows the user to pick the combination code for each time the storage area is accessed. This lock type is particularly popular in situations where many of the users of the cell phone storage cabinet compartments change regularly.

Cell Phone Storage Continues to Grow

The goals of all involved with electronic device security are accomplished with cell phone lockers. The device is kept from entering the main premises of the building and it is secured for the guest. Perhaps, this is why USA Building Supplies is seeing their cell phone cabinet sales flourish.

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