Cell Phone Lockers Provide Solutions and Controversy?

Some products offered into marketplace offer a solution, however people manipulate their intended use and make problems. Cell phone storage lockers recently installed in one major city courthouses offered a great solution for temporary guests who forgot leave their cell cell phone storage lockerphone at home or in the car and for public transportation visitors who have few storage options. Mobile phones in recent times have been banned from courthouses due to their ability to record, take pictures, and transmit sensitive data quickly and discreetly. Unfortunately, some courthouse visitors have been using the cell phone lockers to temporarily store illegal drugs. This has prompted official from several major courthouses in the area to remove the cell phone storage lockers from the premises. This response has created a multitude of problems from honest hardworking people who were just looking to securely store their electronic device.

Are There Possible Solutions for the Cell Phone Locker Dilemma?

Unwanted visitors unfortunately can be regulars at courthouses throughout the county which brings us to the question how courthouse officials solve this problem. Typically most cell phone locker systems provide a supervisor a key to gain authorized access to any compartment they wish to enter. However, government officials shriek at any possible legal entanglement, so they hesitate to use their master key. One storage solution expert at USA Building Supplies believes that a solution could be to offer cell phone lockers in clear polycarbonate doors so visual inspections could be made regularly. In addition, clear polycarbonate cell phone storage lockers would strongly discourage unwanted users from storing anything other than their cell phone.

Clear Cell Phone Lockers are in the Plans at USA Building Supplies

Fast moving USA Building Supplies has put the wheels in motion to come out with a clear view cell phone locker by the end of 2016. The company is known for innovative solutions and getting things done. Potential clients are encouraged to inquire before the end of 2016 about the progress of this innovative cell phone storage locker.

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