Cell Phone Lockers Revenues Skyrocket for USA Building Supplies

cell phone cabinetThe great recession hit commercial mailbox industry hard and suppliers like Wisconsin based USA Building Supplies searched for ways to combat declining sales volume and profit margins. The company believes it has hit a homerun with its new cell phone locker product line. Cell phone cabinets were a natural product extension for the company’s suppliers because it was a simple modification for their manufacturers to alter their horizontal mailbox design. Therefore, tooling, redesign, inventory costs, and much more was accomplished by the development of the cell phone cabinet product offering.

Cell Phone Storage Locker Applications & Uses

One of things that astonished the staff at USA Building Supplies was the different end use applications for the phone lockers. Cell phone cabinets were being used not only for mobile phones but for medication dispensing, personal item storage, and more. In addition, cell phone storage was a growing trend so these mini storage lockers were a hot item.  Cell phone lockers became more of necessity for government, schools, corporations and other organization looking to protect their building premises. Cell phone cabinets were also being used by employers to curb distractions and usage during company time.

Cell Phone Cabinets have Unique Features to Accommodate Different Requirements

USA Building Supplies quickly realized that once the product was introduced to the marketplace that it needed to evolve to meet the various demands of potential customers. Fortunately, USA Building Supplies’ manufacturers agreed which allowed for more options for cell phone locker supplier to offer to their potential clients. Additional options that proved to be fruitful were alternate locking devices and door identification choices. Cell phone locker buyers were also pleased to see additional finishes and mounting options offered as well. All of these features which were part of the cell phone cabinet evolution spurred on revenues for USA Building Supplies.

Cell Phone Locker Customization Offered

In addition, to the aforementioned options now available for cell phone lockers the units were now able to be built to order which further met prospective client needs. Cell phone cabinet configurations could be built with larger doors for the entire mini locker or the larger doors could be mixed into the configuration. The versatility of the mini storage lockers was loved universally by clients. It is recommended that you contact a savvy cell phone locker representative at USA Building Supplies if you need a custom configured mini storage cabinet.

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