Cell Phone Lockers Simplified

cell phone locker

The staff at USA Building Supplies realizes that not everyone is purchasing a cell phone locker on a daily basis. In fact, for many buyers ordering a cell phone storage cabinet system is a one-time purchase for their facility. Therefore, USA Building Supplies has put together a handy cell phone locker option detail check list to help you navigate the waters when it comes to buying your cell phone lockers

  • Cell Phone Locker Style – One of the first things a cell phone cabinet buyer should discern when looking into procuring cell phone cabinets is the style of the cabinet. Essentially, most suppliers carry two styles of cell phone lockers which most suppliers refer to as entry panel or master keyed phone cabinets. The distinct difference between the cell phone locker systems is the entry panel locker allows the supervisor access to all the guest compartments at one time by swinging open the face panel on the unit, whereas the master keyed system allows the supervisor/owner to access guest compartments one at a time by using a designated master key. There are advantages to both types’ cell phone cabinet systems. The major benefit of the entry panel phone locker is it allows the owner to access all of the compartments at one time which can be beneficial for distribution projects. The primary benefit the master keyed phone lockers provide is the fact that minimal clearance is necessary in front on the locker system because each door only opens versus the entire face panel.

  • Cell Pone Cabinet Finish – When shopping for cell phone storage lockers you will notice that there is an assortment of finishes available for buyers. Some cell phone locker suppliers charge up charges for certain finishes whereas others do not. Most cell phone cabinet suppliers offer only powder coated finishes, however you will see an occasional product supplier that offers some anodized finishes.

  • Cell Phone Locker Mounting Type – Recessed and surface mount cell phone lockers are the most prominent mounting options available for cell phone lockers. Recently, one manufacturer has made free standing enclosure available for select cell phone locker models in their product line. This addition has provided buyers another alternative for installing their cell phone storage lockers without requiring wall space. Occasionally, cell phone cabinet buyers want to mount their locker on a table which can be done with some cell phone lockers provided it is well thought out by the installer taking into consideration the weight of the unit, table, and other common sense factors.

  • Cell Phone Storage Locker Locking Device – Cell Phone cabinet visitor doors can come with a variety of different locking devices. The three most used locking devices for cell phone lockers are master keyed locks, combination locks and user defined locks. Each particular locking device has benefits unique to the lock type. For example, master key locks on guest doors tend to be the least expensive lock type option which is benefit to the customer. Combination locks do not require the end user to have a key management system to manage their keys. User defined locks allow each individual guest to program their own code into the lock which is great for scenarios in which users change often. Because this is a vital part of your cell phone locker purchase you may want to consult with cell phone locker expert at USA Building Supplies before making this decision.

  • Cell Phone Cabinet Configuration – The cell phone locker configuration is typically dictated for the most part by how many storage compartments the buyer is looking for. The other determining factor for cell phone cabinet configuration is the available wall space for mounting the cell phone locker system. USA Building Supplies professional sales team will be happy to provide you with a detailed shop drawing so you can feel comfortable before you make your final cell phone cabinet buying decision.

  • Cell Phone Locker Door Identification – Cell phone cabinet door identification refers to the outside cabinet door marking to identify each individual door for users. The most common door identification options in the cell phone cabinet marketplace are cardholders, engraving and black filled engraving. Cardholders allow the end user flexible door identification ability whereas the engraved door identification options are more permanent. However, most agree engraving and black filled engraving door identification options provide the end user an enhanced overall appearance of their cell phone locker.

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