Cell Phone Lockers Simplify an Uncomfortable Situation

When a visitor enters your building you want to be welcoming and let the guest know he can be at ease on your premises. Unfortunately these days with the growing functionality of mobile devices you need to be aware of any possible weaknesses in the security of your building as well. Wisconsin based, USA Building Supplies offers an assortment of cell phone storage lockers to help defuse a potentially uncomfortable situation for both you and visitors. Cell phone lockers allow your guest to securely store their mobile electronic device in a locked compartment to protect you from less than scrupulous guests using the device for unauthorized use and safeguards the visitor’s device and data when they are not present.

Cell Phone Storage Lockers to Fit Your Needscell phone storage locker

Fortunately, USA Building Supplies did not take the one size fits all approach while unveiling their new line of cell phone lockers. The company offers a wide assortment of pre-configured cell phone cabinet models to make sure you can utilize your wall space efficiently at your facility. In addition, cell phone lockers can be recessed, surface, or mounted into a free-standing enclosure. Cell phone storage lockers can also be ordered from USA Building Supplies in a selection of attractive finishes, which add to the durability and are sure to blend right into your facility’s surroundings. Additional cell phone locker options include door identification, compartment depth, and compartment door locking device.

entry panel cell phone lockerStyle of Cell Phone Locker

Basically, there are two styles of cell phone lockers which are commonly referred to as a fixed gate or entry panel. The fixed gate cell phone locker only allows master access into the occupant’s door compartments one at a time by the supervisor with his or her master key or access code. Conversely, the entry panel cell phone locker allows the manager to enter through a dedicated access door which disengages the entire face panel of the mini storage locker and allows them to access all of the user compartments at one time. Each style of cell phone cabinet has its advantages, however the primary advantage of fixed gate cell phone lockers is it works well in narrow spaces because it does not require the space in front of the unit that an access panel cell phone locker requires. The entry panel cell phone cabinet allows the supervisor to mass distribute small items more efficiently because he or she can gain access to all of the compartments at one time.

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