Cluster Box Units are One Tough Customer

The birth of the cluster box unit right around the turn of the Century didn’t come without a mulligan for the Postal Service and commercial mailbox suppliers. The initial design of the cluster box is similar to today’s design; however the security of the mail was not the focalcluster box unit point at that time. Shortly after the E Series cluster box unit was released into the marketplace identity theft started to become a real issue for postal customers with unwanted visitors targeting their mail. The cluster mailboxes were an improvement over neighborhood and delivery collection boxes and traditional curb line mail receptacles, however strong willed predators still found ways to get at the mail that proved beneficial to their mischievous ways. Subsequently, the USPS and commercial mail receptacle manufacturers scrambled to come up with a high security cluster box unit to combat identity theft. The end result of their mail security mission was a pedestal mailbox commonly called the F Series cluster box unit today.

F Series Cluster Box Units Feature Security

F Series luster box unitImprovements to F Series cluster box unit are relatively apparent to trained industry insider eye and have proved to key in fighting off unwanted guests quickly when they attempt to gain entry. These heavy duty pedestal mailboxes feature high quality aircraft aluminum construction with tight seam tolerances that frustrate even the most equipped unwanted visitors. In addition, all occupant doors are outfitted with heavy duty cam locks that hook into the frame of the unit making unauthorized entry challenging. Another point of emphasis in the design of the F Series cluster box was the outgoing mail carrier access door. Commercial mailbox manufacturer’s engineers with the Postal Service’s oversight decided to limit the slot opening size for outgoing mail to deter break-ins and shrewdly designed an interior anti-fish to further prevent tool assisted entry. All of these add security features have made the F series cluster mailbox a formidable foe for even the most prepared unwanted guest.

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