Cluster Box Units Sales Continue To Grow

As we move through the second decade of the 21st Century the commercial mailbox industry has continued to see revenue growth in cluster box unit category of mail receptacles. Cluster boxes are the preferred pedestal mailbox seen across America as new developments are constructed. Some industry insiders have been surprised by the continued growth of the cluster box units because there are more commercial mailbox alternatives available to buyers these days. Other marketplace executives point to the post office mandate in 2012 for new developments and the fact that the CBU remains the only pedestal cluster mailbox with full Postal Service endorsement.

Cluster Box Unit Alternatives & Postal Endorsementcluster box units

The cluster box unit has fallen under criticism by the public, industry insiders, and even the Postal Service primarily due to the lack configuration flexibility. The cluster box unit Post Office licensing agreement prohibits configuration modifications. Recently, the 4C horizontal mailbox was introduced to the commercial mailbox marketplace and offered the modularity desired by suppliers and customers alike. The 4C mailbox has proved to be an additional commercial mail receptacle choice for buyers because it is now available in an assortment of mounting options. Recessed, surface, and 4C mailbox stations have all been granted postal certification. The 4C pedestal mailbox still lacks postal sanctioning primarily due to the ongoing CBU licensing agreement. It remains to be seen whether the 4C pedestal mailbox will ever fully receive the Postal Service’s endorsement. Until the USPS endorsement is received most industry insiders believe cluster box unit sales will continue to flourish.

Cluster Box Unit Mandate

In 2012 the U.S. Postal Service mandated that the cluster box units are to be the preferred method of delivery for all new developments. This mandate was precipitated by postal officials due to declining revenues and controlling delivery costs for the USPS. The postal directive received a fair amount press which only continued to spur on the growth of sales of the cluster box units. Additionally, headquarter postal executives made a big push with USPS growth coordinators to remain steadfast in enforcing the cluster box unit mandate which has made a significant difference.

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